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Why you shouldn't wait to go solar:


1.) The 26% Federal Tax Credit won't be around forever!
Fortunately, it was extended in late 2020, but it will eventually step-down.
No matter when you go solar, the sooner you save.




2.) The average electricity bill in the United States has increased 29% since 2008.
In some states, electricity prices are rising 2-6% per year. The only way to lock in current rates is to produce your own electricity with solar panels.





3.) $1000 Saved today is worth more than $1000 tomorrow

Waiting to go solar means missing out on savings now, and just like investing, the sooner you get started the more you save over the long run.

Over the next 25 years, you could save $125,626.68 on your utility bills.

Here Just A Few Happy Customer Testimonials 

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