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What is the cost of solar energy?

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Don’t be misinformed

A common misconception is that you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money up front to purchase a solar system for your home. There are several reasons why it has not been easy to install solar panels in Florida in the past, but as solar continues to drop in price year by year, lawmakers and consumers alike are putting their attention on this initiative. There is no better time to look into a solar panel system in Florida than in 2020. New laws are being passed, more incentives and rebates are being offered and prices are steadily dropping.

Solar Loans in Florida

Until recently, it was not possible to take a loan out for a solar project in Florida. In 2020 however, it is different, and for those who do want to go down this path, it is now possible. The benefits of taking a solar loan is that there is no down-payment, and you still can make use of the 26% federal tax credit. In addition, the loan payments are often lower than your original, non-solar electricity bill. As long as you continue to pay off your loan over the next several years, you will still end up saving thousands of dollars in the long-run.

EHS Guarantee

Even if you don’t have the cash to buy a solar energy system up front, you can still reduce energy costs by financing your solar panel system with a solar loan. Our financing options require no money down and reduce your monthly expenses from day one of installation.

As an added benefit, your monthly energy costs will no longer fluctuate – they will simply be the monthly amount of your loan or lease payment. And, to give you peace of mind in entrusting your home to us, we offer an exclusive guarantee. We will track your energy bills for the first 12 months after installing our upgrades and, if you’re not saving the amount of money we promised, we will promptly come to your home to solve the problem.

As part of this guarantee, if we fail to lower your monthly energy costs by the amount we promised, we will give you back the difference between what you used to pay and the amount you’re paying after our upgrades. We are confident, however, that the addition of new solar panels, attic insulation, or other recommended energy-efficient upgrades will yield the savings you seek.

You’ve exchanged one expense for another, but your new expense is:

Predictable lower than your current utility bill; Fixed rate over time, without any fluctuations or increases.

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