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#WednesdayWisdom of the Week: The Solar Maintenance Misconception

According to Tim Sylvia of PV Magazine, 31% of 1000 participants in a solar survey believed that solar systems needed to be washed on a monthly basis, while 18% of this group believed maintenance needed to be done every week. Within the same group of participants, 65% thought that maintaining solar systems was “moderately to extremely difficult,” adding to the stress already associated with purchasing a solar system (Sylvia, 2020).

What is the Solar Misconception…Solar systems are expensive investments that require too much work and time to maintain.

Understand that this statement is false!

In fact, while solar panels can use additional cleaning efforts for substantial amounts of debris, most of the maintenance comes from the Earth directly in the form of rain! In fact, this is one of the reasons why solar panels are stamped with sustainability! Solar systems are also designed efficiently to prevent “the constant need for repair and maintenance” (Thompson, 2020).

If maintenance is necessary for your solar panels, follow the cleansing procedures in the blog post at this link to keep your system functioning.


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