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#WednesdayWisdom of the Week: The No-Go with Snow Misconception

While snowy days are practically non-existent in Florida, the idea of installing solar panels in northern states might pose some concern as to whether or not such an investment is worth the time and money.

The Solar Misconception…I should not install a solar system anywhere that it snows.

True or False? 100% False!

In fact, as stated in a recent blog post published by Sunpower, “The best panels are designed to handle extreme variations in temperature (also known as thermal cycling) in both hot and cold climates. And, when they’re properly installed, they'll melt snow faster than a rooftop without panels.” Basically, it comes down to the quality, efficiency, and installation of your solar system (2020).

Now, for regions that produce heavy amounts of snow, there are solar panels designed without frames to prevent snow buildup from harming the structure of the solar system. With this setup, the melted snow can then help clean away debris that is left on the panel’s surface (Gay, 2017).

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