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#WednesdayWisdom of the Week: Saving with Solar

One major assumption clients have is that solar panels will not save them any money; in essence, they will be investing more into the grid than themselves. Is this a common misconception or fact?

Common Misconception!

While there are typically two solar bills involved in the solar system process, you will still save when provided rebates, and as the trend pulls more towards using renewable sources of power. In other words, the more popular solar energy becomes, the cheaper it will get over time.

Additionally, with a new solar system installed on your roof, your home’s value will increase as the system is considered a manufacturing upgrade. Many homeowners also assume solar system will devalue their home’s worth; however, the solar system is treated as a renovation and incorporates a premium when homeowner’s are ready to sell (Mucha, 2016).

Furthermore, as a surplus to your savings, your home can also receive a return on investment shortly after your installation is complete. As mentioned by ProspectSolar, “Your solar panels should pay for themselves within 25 years after installation, possibly much sooner depending on your state’s economic incentives and the size of your solar panel array” (ProspectSolar, 2017).

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