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#WednesdayWisdom of the Week: Lighting Up the Holidays the Right Way

The holiday season is a time of joy, unity, feasts, and well…some wild lit up homes! We’re talking synchronized light shows with music, endless displays and decorations in and outside of homes, not to mention the the televised fireplace for those of us in Florida! All in all, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year to celebrate, but it can also be the most power consuming season of the year.

Did you know that the United States’s average expense on holiday lights runs at $1,600? For those who pay $0.12 per kilowatt, this is what your utility bill can look like during the holiday season. Think about it, we put lights on Christmas trees, along our roofs, and anywhere there is an outlet (ElectricChoice, n.d.). You can’t help it when you’re in the Christmas spirit!

So how can we reduce the amount of energy we consume during the holidays?

Well, one option is to take advantage of LED lights and systems. The Department of Energy states that “LED lights use up to 75% less energy and last about 25 times as long as traditional incandescent light bulbs.” A second option is to install a solar system for your home. With solar panels being highly efficient at collecting energy from the Sun, you will surely have a surplus of energy that can supply your holiday lighting festivities (Sunpower, 2020). In fact, while winter tends to feature cloudy conditions, most homeowners find their solar systems producing more power that what is being consumed daily (Holowka, 2017).

Are you a festive homeowner looking to light up your home this Christmas without breaking the bank on your utility bills? Well then, sign up with Equity Solar to receive $1,500 in instant savings and a FREE Nest thermostat to keep you warm this winter! Give us a call at (407) 901-2040 for more information!!


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