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#WednesdayWisdom: How to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Did you know that solar energy plays a significant role in reducing carbon emissions? Well, as it is known, solar panels collect energy from the sun without requiring resources such as coal, gas, or oil. In other words, solar panels solely rely on the light reflected by the Sun that is converted into energy from the photovoltaic cells in the solar system.

Our carbon footprint—the overall development of greenhouse gases produced by a society—has increased in recent years and many companies and countries worldwide are trying to find ways of reducing it for a safer, greener environment. We leave a carbon footprint through many actions of our daily lives. For example, using gas stoves, driving gas cars, and throwing out trash rather than recycling or using biodegradable materials, all lead to the burning of fossil fuels that allow for harmful chemicals to enter our atmosphere.

By using solar panels, which hold a far less carbon footprint (produced only in the manufacturing process), solar energy is sure to lead the way towards a renewable society and environment that is more affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly (Clemons, 2017).


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