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Solar Energy for Education

In recent years, many schools in the United States have resorted to using solar energy systems for their electricity. In fact, according to an article published by the Environmental Health News, the amount of K-12 schools that use solar energy has elevated by 81% over half a decade.

What many schools that use solar energy have learned is that by reducing what is expensed to utility, they are able to provide higher salaries for educators and staff; reduce yearly carbon dioxide emissions; provide educational opportunities for students and teacher to learn more about the benefits associated with solar energy; and help provide power to states that suffer from natural disasters.

Having solar energy available in the educational system will be a great way to increase jobs in the solar market as students will already have the knowledge behind what solar panels do, and having solar systems available within reach will help create a new generation of influencers that find more innovative ways to clean the environment. With 28 states and the capital already involved in the solar movement, it is expected that more schools will participate soon enough due to its rippling effect (Bienkowski, 2020).


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