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Solar Energy through the Storm

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

With hurricane season coming up, you probably have many question running through your mind:

  1. How will my solar panels collect energy during cloudy weather?

  2. How will they hold during hurricanes, high mileages of wind, and lightning?

Well to answer the first question, the great thing is about solar energy is that while solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity, your home can still be powered at 10%-25% of solid capacity during stormy, dark conditions.

According to an articled published by IGS, “Solar panels produce energy with solar cells. Solar cells are small, square-shaped panel semiconductors made from silicon and other conductive materials manufactured in thin film layers. When sunlight strikes a solar cell, chemical reactions release electrons, generating electric current. The solar panel then converts those photons into electrons of direct current, which flow out of the solar panel and into an inverter and other electrical devices (“HOW DO SOLAR PANELS WORK IN SHADE OR BAD WEATHER?”).”

So, yes 100% of the sun’s energy is ideal for maximum power supply; however, even during seasons of rain and clouds, your home will naturally receive over two hours of solar energy from the day to generate power for your home (Holowka, 2017). Not to mention, when it rains, your solar panels will get that extra surface dirt freely washed away. Talk about self-maintenance!

Now, when it comes to hurricanes, thunderstorms, and lightning, there is a possibility some solar homes may experience voltage surges (IGS). However, our team at Equity Solar Energy puts every effort into making sure that your solar panels are installed efficiently to limit those outages.

We actually recently partnered with Generac Power Systems to provide the Generac PWRcell battery and inverter within our package as a backup energy source. This is extremely beneficial for locations that experience many outages and power grid disturbances due to storms. We also like to verify that the roof is in excellent condition so that the solar panels will be held in place during high speeds of wind. In fact, our solar panels are built to withstand hurricanes with winds of 160 mph.

Additionally, when switching to solar, any potential weather condition that causes damage to your solar panels will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Our workmanship has a guaranteed warranty of 10 years and our solar panels a guaranteed warranty of 25 years. So, while it is highly unlikely you will face these circumstances, there is added protection to your solar system to help sustain the life of your solar panels and give you the electricity you need.


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