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Power Outages are Not an Option!

According to the National Weather Service in an article posted by Emily McCain of the WFTS Tampa Bay ABC Action News, Florida is known for being the “lightning capital of the country.” In fact, more Americans are struck by lightning in our state than any of the other 49 states a year (McCain, 2019). Not to mention, Florida is also a hub for hurricanes and storms, meaning power outages for the summer months are a norm.

So, what should I do if I’m a Florida homeowner and suffer massive power outages around this time of year?

Consider purchasing a Generac generator or PWRcell battery! Generac Power Systems is a company that manufactures energy efficient backups that run either on “U.S. natural-gas” or solar energy. What separates them from companies such as Tesla and LG Chem, is that their batteries and generators run on high power and capacity. Additionally, Generac is decreasing their rates to meet the needs of the homeowner market, making it a good time to buy (John, 2020).

While there are several options of generators to choose from, Generac Power Systems build their generators with 40% more capacity and more sustaining engine life. They also have a steel fuel tanks, steel tubes, and never-flat wheels that are durable for all conditions. Most of the Generac generators come with adjustable handles for travel, and depending on the generator chosen, have added benefits unique to what you desire and need for electricity (Generac, 2018). The Generac PWRcell battery is another amazing backup that run on clean energy derived from the sun. You can learn more about the PWRcell battery in one of our past blogs.

Which is better: the Generac generator or PWRcell battery?

While both backups offer great potential, choosing between the Generac generator or PWRcell really comes down to what a client is looking for. As far as price is concerned, the Generac generator ranges anywhere from $439.00 to $3,779.00 depending on the model chosen. You can actually compare Generac’s 32 different generators on their website (Generac, 2018). The PWRcell battery’s price, on the other hand, depends on the client’s location and energy consumption, with the package beginning at around $9,999 (Marsh, 2020).

Furthermore, the PWRcell battery is a silent system as compared to a generator; offers more energy supply for the home overall due to its setup with solar energy; and is an eco-friendly alternative than the generator, allowing for a smaller carbon footprint (Sunpower, 2020).

All in all, however you choose to generate electricity, consider investing in an energy backup. This way, when the storm reaches your city, you’ll be ready to rerun power through your home as if it never left!


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