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Orlando, FL. Expects the End of Fossil Fuel Burning

Recent news posted by the Solar Power World suggests that the Orlando Utilities Commission plans to “stop burning coal for power by 2027 and reach 92% renewable energy by 2050” (Misbrener, 2020).

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the goal is to start off with a natural gas alternative for power, then reduce the carbon footprint by 50%. This idea originated from the city’s mayor, Buddy Dyer, who proposed making Orlando 100% eco-friendly by 2050.

With solar energy becoming more affordable to the everyday consumer, this goal actually proves to be realistic and attainable for the ever-growing populated city.

While less than 10% of carbon energy may be required to make the transition, the majority of electricity produced will result from solar power plants. With climate change at a high rise of concern, plans are set to start right away.

The Stanton Energy Center coal plants will permanently close in 2040, and make way for a new solar plant that will produce 150 megawatts of energy.

The Orlando Utilities Commission strives to focus on the “affordability,” “reliability,” “resiliency,” and “sustainability” of such a project. “They [ended up ranking]…reliability the highest at 35 percent…affordability second at 24 percent, sustainability very close at 22 percent, and then resiliency last at 19 percent” (Spear, 2020).


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