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5 Steps: How to Qualify for Solar in Central Florida

From Tampa to Orlando, it's now easier than ever for Central Florida residents to make the switch to renewable energy! Allowing you to take control of rising electricity costs and help to create a healthier planet for generations to come. 

Thinking about choosing the clean, affordable energy alternative? Here are the 5 questions asked by our Energy Experts to make sure you qualify. 

1. Are you a Duke, OUC, KUA and TECO customer?  

Equity Solar opened its doors in Florida and is expanding quickly. If this sounds like you, have your last 12 months of bills ready so we can see how much you can save!

2. Do you own your home?  

Making the choice to go solar is a big decision and long term commitment. In order for us to install solar panels on the roof of a home, we need the homeowner's permission. This means you need to either be the homeowner or have your name on the title. 

3. Is it a single-family home?  

When we say home, we mean single family homes. This is because installing solar on buildings larger than a single family home is considered a commercial and industrial project.

4. Is your credit score 580+? 

Just like partnering with a company to buy a car, we do the due diligence of checking your credit score. Not sure what your credit score is? We recommend services such as Credit Karma or calling us for a prequalification.

5. Does your roof receive plenty of sunshine? 

Solar panels need sunshine to produce energy. Ideally, this means having a south facing roof with no trees or shading that might prevent the rays from being captured. 

And that’s it! If this sounds like you then you are very likely to qualify for solar in Central Florida!

Questions about going solar? Contact us today! 

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