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It's Finally That Time of Year!

If you didn’t already know, September 22 marked the first official day of Fall bringing the summer season to an end. Florida was actually accompanied by some cool temperatures this week ranging in the mid to low 70s, and as we all know with this time of year, the forecast will now begin to drop nightly until the full winter season has kicked in. However, many of you with solar systems or interested in switching to solar might be wondering if it’s even beneficial to have solar panels during this cooler time.

Will solar systems be able to power through colder weather conditions in the next few months?

These are great questions many clients ask, and fortunately for you, we have the answer! According to an article published by Sunrun titled “Do Solar Panels Work in Cold Weather,” solar panels operate more productively during the cooler months (2019), especially when Florida winter skies are clear (2020). You may have to adjust the solar panels to obtain more sunlight, since the days are shorter. However, as long as sun rays are reflecting on solar panels, electricity will be generated. Remember, solar energy runs on the “sun’s abundant light—not the sun’s heat.” A benefit from the fall season: with hurricane season out of the way, there will be more sunny days despite how low the temperatures will feel (2019).

How much energy will even be used?

The amount of energy that is used is naturally dependent on the homeowner, who will either take advantage of their heating system or make use of the cool nights (“Solar”, 2020). No matter how much sunlight is received, your solar system will always have an extra supply of energy saved, that can be used as necessary. Even adding a generating battery to the solar system can help supply the amount of energy consumed (2019).

Overall, solar energy is a great power source to have all year around, no matter the season. Sunlight, especially in Florida, will always be found and generated from solar systems, which are even used by northern states that experience dark winter days. Considering purchasing a solar system? Give us a call at (407) 901-2040 for more information.


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