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Is selling a House with Solar Panels a good idea?

Selling a house with solar panels comes with unique benefits, depending on where you live and whether you bought or leased the system. It's an opportunity to attract more buyers buyers on the benefits of solar energy. there's not only the positive environmental impacts to promote, but in hot, dry climates like California & Florida especially, renewable energy may offer huge savings on the utility bills.

Don''t assume that solar panels automatically add to your resale value, solar can make a home more appealing to a particular set of buyers and help get an offer sooner and perhaps at a higher percentage of the listing price, focus on how they can boost your home's marketability, for a lot of buyers, especially the ones that are going to make this more than just a winter residence having solar can provide some predictability with energy costs. "SOLAR IS A BIG DEAL"

Highlight the benefits of solar energy when you're selling, you and your agent will want make a check list of all the benefits for potential buyers, Including:

- Buy Or Lease.

- Lower Electric Bills.

- Extra Financial Incentives.

- Environmental Responsibility.

- Work with an agent who has experience.

- Reduce buyer concerns over maintenance.

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