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How to Maintain Your Solar Panels Right From Your Home

One of the many perks that comes with Florida summer is the rain! Rain? Summer has never been fun with the rain, you might be thinking. However, when it comes to owning solar panels, the rain works wonders in cleaning away debris and buildup. With the fall season already set and winter coming around the corner, there will be less rainy days to help solar homeowners easily maintain their systems. Even though solar systems do not need to be cleaned often, it does help to have them checked monthly for best operation.

According to an article posted by SunPower, “occasional dirt and dust don’t reduce efficiency enough to make a significant impact. However, when built up over a long period of time, these elements can lead to a production loss of over 25%.” In Florida, this can be anything from the Saharan dust, fallen leaves, pollen, or love bugs/blind mosquitos. So, how would one go about cleaning the system themselves?

While it would be more beneficial and efficient to pay a professional to wash and inspect your system, you can do it yourself by using a soft bristle brush or a pressure washer. Make sure you use the brush with a roof length handle and/or the pressure washer a few feet away from the panels. Also, avoid standing on the roof or on a ladder for the safest practice, and be sure your system is not powered on while you wash it. Additionally, maintain your panels in the morning that way they’ll be able to collect sunlight and provide your home with electricity for the rest of the day (2020). While solar systems are self-maintained, it doesn’t hurt to clean them every so often. Think of it as an extra pampering for your solar panels!

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