OUC, Duke Energy, FPL or Teco Homeowners!

You may be eligible for a new Bidirectional program.

OUC, Duke Energy, FPL or Teco Homeowners!

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  You May be eligible for the new Bidirectional meter program

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Explanation of the Bidirectional Meter program 

When your energy meter is connected to the solar system, your meter works backwards and gives you credit on your energy bill.


Many power companies are even forced to check the excess power they produce from their solar system at the end of the year.


There are some requirements for you to take advantage of this program:


- You must BE THE OWNER of your house!

- You must have an electric bill greater than $ 120 in the summer.

- Your property cannot be surrounded by trees.

- You must plan to stay in your home for at least 2 years.

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